About the Author

Frank MartelaFrank Martela, PhD, is currently a visiting scholar in the Human Motivation Research Group at the University of Rochester, NY. He received his PhD in Applied Philosophy and Organizational Research from Aalto University, Finland, in 2012. His research concentrates on the ultimate factors of human motivation. In other words, he aims to identify what is it that makes us humans to find the motivation and grit to pursue a certain goal. He has given several lectures, workshops and courses on the topic both for university students and for the general public.

Frank has gained personal experience with willpower while participating in four different Worldloppet cross-country skiing marathons in Norway, Finland, Estonia, and Switzerland. Most recently, utilizing the tools he learned while writing this book, he ran his first marathon in Mad Marathon, Vermont, which is one of the more challenging US marathon courses with over 850 feet of vertical between the lowest and highest points of the course.

Contact: frank@willpowermanual.com

Mjelkefellet, Narvik, Norway 2011. Photo: Emma Autio

Mjelkefellet, Narvik, Norway 2011. Photo: Emma Autio